Eyerobics Pty Ltd started in 1992, firstly trading as Freedom Vision. The inspiration to start a Natural Vision Improvement company to help people improve their vision came from Bethany Alldridge. It all began when her dad who was suffering from deteriorating eyesight started to look for alternatives to wearing glasses. He came upon a book by ophthalmologist W.H. Bates that spoke of improving your eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises. Determined to help her dad improve his vision Bethany started studying the methods described by W.H. Bates.

This ophthalmologist who lived in the 1920's was a pioneer in the field of vision improvement, motivated by his findings that eye surgery and the need for wearing glasses can be prevented by strengthening and relaxing the eye muscles. W.H. Bates himself did extensive research and trials on several of his patients using his newly developed technology and was very successful. Meanwhile the optometric industry, a well established multi-million dollar industry, saw Bates' ideas as a threat to their establishment and did all they could to silence him. He was soon written out of history books, one of the reasons why many people today have not heard about natural vision improvement.

W. H. Bates was however not a very good writer and many find his books interesting and enlightening but not clear on how to implement the ideas. This was also the findings of Bethany's dad. With a lot of research and trials Bethany developed a series of exercises based on Bates instructions making his technology more available to people wanting to improve their vision naturally. Her dad improved his vision dramatically and soon many of Bethany's friends had the same astonishing results.

The next step was to help more people improve their eyesight so they too could end having to wear glasses which is often experienced as a nuisance. So Bethany started to teach the Eyerobics program in the form of seminars. Many people improved their vision dramatically no longer needing to wear their glasses or contacts. Then the idea of putting the program on a video was put forward. This would allow Bethany to help even more people. Soon a video of the program was produced.

Meanwhile the demand for the program grew as more and more people witnessed the results their friends, family members and colleagues where having. Soon Eyerobics Pty Ltd sold over 10.000 programs worldwide.

Staying with technological demands the program was made available on DVD and currently videos are no longer available.

Eyerobics has helped thousands of people regain their natural eyesight. People from all backgrounds all over the world have written us about how grateful they are for being able to improve their eyesight with this easy, risk-free and affordable method. And so can you.....

How can Eyerobics help

The Eyerobics program is a program of eye exercises based on the Bates Method.
The eye exercises are designed to address most common eye disorders by improving the function of your eye muscles and at the same time relaxing them. Improving your eye muscles enables your eyes to focus properly as your ability to focus is controlled by your eye muscles.

Find out how Eyerobics can help you regain clear eyesight.