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How much does the program cost?

Simply go to our order page and select what you would like to order and you will instantly see what the cost of the program is and how much postage is in your preferred currency.

Do I need more than one DVD?

One DVD contains the complete program. The program includes specific instructions for your condition. You can order a second DVD for a friend, relative or colleague and you will receive a discount of nearly 30%.

Can I play the DVD on my computer?

You will need a computer that has a drive capable of playing DVDs. Most modern computers will have a DVD drive build in.
Note: You can select chapters in the menu by using the controls of the media player or by using the arrows and enter key of your keyboard.

Will Eyerobics work for my vision problem?

Eyerobics has been specifically designed to improve most of the common eye complaints.
These include:

  • Astigmatism
  • Glaucoma
  • Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
  • Far-Sightedness (Hyperopia)
  • Short-Sightedness (Myopia)
  • Old Age Sight (Presbyopia)
  • Turned/Wandering Eye (Strabismus or Squint)

Even people with cataracts have told us they have had significant improvements from doing the program.The program contains sets of exercises specifically designed to address your particular condition.

How long before I see any improvements?

As with any physical ailment the recovery depends on the specific physical condition of the person and the kind of problem they experience. Just like when you have the flue it might take your friend longer to recover from it than you although his symptoms are the same. Therefore it is impossible to say exactly how long it will take for you to recover. Be warned that anyone who advertises a specific amount of time for this to take is using false claims to promote their product or service.

However: most people who do use the program see significant result in less than three weeks! And many people report improvements in just a few days! Because of all the positive feedback we have received we are very confident your vision too will improve within weeks. And with a full year money back guarantee there are no risks left. You have nothing to lose but your glasses/contacts.

How does Eyerobics work?

Just like most parts of our body, the eyes are controlled and focused with the help of muscles.

The eye has both internal and external muscles. The internal muscles control focusing and pupil size. The external muscles direct the eyes to the point of interest, keep the retinal image in constant slight motion and can reshape your eye ball.

Any muscle system is subject to fatigue when it is used continuously without periods of rest. Although muscles of the eye do not work against forces outside the eye, they do exert forces against each other, and they become "fatigued" from periods of continuous ocular activity. As eye muscles are not unique, they too show evidence of fatigue when visual tasks require added effort and concentration (e.g. reading, computer work, staring at chalk boards at school, television, etc).

The external muscles of the eyes must work together to keep both eyes centered on the point of interest. Besides this when the internal muscles are failing, the external 'take over' the focusing job by shaping the eye ball. Balance between the muscles is somewhat imperfect in most people, and often gets worse with the use of glasses.

Using the eyes in a stressful fashion will put strain on your eyes and create fatigue. Exercising the eyes in the proper way will result in stronger and more relaxed muscles. Just like when going to the gym revives and strengthens your muscles. You feel invigorated and at the same time relaxed.

Eyerobics is based on the method developed by W.H. Bates, an ophthalmologist who did a lot of research and discovered effective ways to improve the eyesight of his patients. His motivation was to find a way to substantially help his patients improve their eyes as he experienced conventional methods (wearing glasses, surgery, etc) were not helping but instead worsened the condition of people's eyes.

This method has been redefined and expanded by Natural Vision Expert Bethany Alldridge to include more specific eye exercises and to create an easy to follow way for anyone wanting to improve their vision.

Eyerobics provides you with an easy to follow program of exercises to invigorate and at the same time relax your eyes. It's physiotherapy for the eyes. Your eye muscles will become stronger and healthier thereby allowing you to see clearer than before.

How is Eyerobics different from other programs?

  1. We provide you with a specific program tailored to address your particular condition. After excessive research and experience we created a program that is both easy to understand and do and up to date with the latest techniques in Natural Vision Improvement.
  2. Eyerobics is the most affordable program of its kind! Why pay fortunes again on a vision improvement program when spending huge amounts is one reason for not getting new glasses or surgery? We believe clear eyesight is extremely important and should be available to everyone.
  3. When you order the Eyerobics program you will get the strongest guarantee available. There is simply no other program that comes with a FULL YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. This means that if you, for whatever reason, want to return the program within one year we will refund you the purchase price. That is how confident we are that this program will work for you too. Why are we so confident? Because the results that people have had by using the program prove that this program works.
  4. The Eyerobics program includes more optical exercises than most of our competitors.
  5. We offer unlimited LIFETIME SUPPORT by a Natural Vision expert. Any time you have a query simply email or write us and we will gladly assist you. This comes at no extra cost! And unlike other programs you don't need to subscribe to anything. Sending your query by email is the fastest way.

Hi Eyerobics,

Yes, your program is some what similar to Sussman, but your DVD is what makes the difference. We do not need to read, we only follow what you say in the DVD. But Sussman's program, we need to read and understand what the exercise is, and sometimes we predict the reading wrongly. This made it seem difficult. Thanks to you for the DVD.

But I must tell you , your program is working from Day1. Yes, yesterday , I received the kit , and its wonderfull. Specially the Pinhole Glasses.
Now I am more confident that yes even I can get clear eyesight. Your program is just WONDERFULL. And I am writing this mail without putting my glasses on.

Thanks a ton,

How do Pinhole glasses work?

Please go to the pinholes page to find an explanation of how pinholes can help you improve your vision even faster!

Where can I order Pinhole glasses?

Simply go to our secure order page by clicking on the purchase link on the top to order pinholes. If you don't know how they look go to the pinholes page to view an image of each model. You will also have the opportunity to order the program there.

Do I have to continue with the program for the rest of my life?

Once you have achieved the results you are comfortable with you do not need to continue with the exercises as often. We do recommend however, that you do the exercises routinely (for example once a week) to keep your eyes in shape. Eyerobics is often used as a preventative method to make sure you will never need to revert to glasses or surgery. For this reason many pilots use the program as they need to keep their eyes in top shape  to keep their License.

Can Eyerobics help children?

It is of crucial importance that your child stays out of glasses as the condition of their eyes will often get worse with the use of glasses/lenses. Children often feel very embarrassed when wearing glasses and it is often a bigger strain on their daily life to have to carry them around and wear them. Also for the parent it requires a lot of effort to remind the child of taking their glasses with them and wear them. This could result in your child having psychological problems relating to having to wear glasses that are more difficult to correct than it is for him/her to do the exercises.

Many parents have used Eyerobics to help their children stay out of glasses. However it is our experience that tells us it is mostly suited for children five years and older. It's effectiveness depends partly on your effort as a parent to make it fun for them to do. You can turn the exercises into little fun games with fun objects and do them together with your child. Stimulating them in a positive manner is very important. Never try to motivate your child by threats or negative associations. Remember: the more fun it will be and the more the exercises feel as just another part of their daily routine the easier it will be for your child as well as for you. So be creative and positive!

Where do you ship to?

As you can see on our order page we ship to anywhere in the world! Shipping and Handling depends on your location. Please go to the purchase page to see how much the P&H and the total costs will come to. You do not need to place an order to see these amounts. We provide two formats of DVDs: PAL and NTSC and will automatically ship the format that is used in your country.

How much is postage and handling?

Shipping and Handling depends on your location. Please go to the purchase page to see how much the P&H and the total costs will come to. You do not need to place an order to see these amounts.
Simply fill in what you like to order and what your location is and the amounts will be displayed.

What if Eyerobics does not work for me?

We are convinced that Eyerobics will work for you and we have all the testimonials to prove that this program does help people improve their vision dramatically. However, some people will not benefit from the program because they do not do the exercises often enough or not at all (some people buy the program and leave it sitting on the shelf!). Remember you need to do these exercises at least for fifteen minutes a day and because they are so easy to slot into your daily life this will only require very little effort. Most people easily find some extra time to do more. The more you do the faster the results as long as you don't strain yourself too much.

Nearly all people who do not see any improvements do not do the exercises enough. So first we suggest to those people to put more effort into doing the exercises. However, if you do not feel you are successful than here is our guarantee:

We offer you a full 12 month, ironclad, hassle-free, money-back guarantee. This allows you to keep and use the DVD for a whole year. If you're unsatisfied for any reason during the 12 months, just return the DVD to us and we will promptly write you a cheque refunding every cent of the purchase price.

We guarantee that you will have dramatic results within weeks of using this program. You have nothing to lose for we take all the risks!

How can I order the program without using a credit card?

If you do not own a credit card than you could use a credit card of a friend or relative. If you do not want to use a credit card there are other ways for you to order the program:

  • Direct deposit the total amount into our account:
    Eyerobics Pty Ltd
    NAB Acc: 66 555 8324
    BSB: 082-489
    After that please fill out the contact form to let us know your details and we will send out your order as soon as funds have become available.

  • PayPal: log into your paypal account and transfer funds to our account: NOTE: please send us a confirmation of your deposit and include your address details so we can ship your order a.s.a.p.