What is Hyperopia

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, is a common vision problem, affecting about a fourth of the population. Farsightedness or hyperopia, occurs when light entering the eye focuses behind the retina, instead of directly on it. This is caused by a cornea that is flatter, or an eye that is shorter, than a normal eye. Farsighted people usually have trouble seeing up close, but may also have difficulty seeing far away as well.

Young people with mild to moderate hyperopia are often able to see clearly because their natural lens can adjust, or accommodate to increase the eye's focusing ability. However, as the eye gradually loses the ability to accommodate due to not using our eyes properly, not exercising them, blurred vision from hyperopia often becomes more apparent.

The degree of your farsightedness determines your focusing ability. People who are severely farsighted are able to see clearly only objects that are a great distance away from their eyes. If you're mildly farsighted, you may be able to see clearly objects that are closer to you.

What are the symptoms of Hyperopia

The following symptoms are common for Hyperopia:

What Causes Hyperopia?

This vision problem occurs when light rays entering the eye focus behind the retina, rather than directly on it. The eyeball of a farsighted person is shorter than normal.

Many children are born with hyperopia, and some of them "outgrow" it as the eyeball lengthens with normal growth.

The hyperopic eye is shorter than normal. Incoming light focuses behind, instead of on, the retina. Near objects look blurry to farsighted people.

Sometimes people confuse hyperopia with presbyopia, which also is a difficulty in seeing up close, but has a different cause.

How is Hyperopia diagnosed

Hyperopia is detected with a vision test called a refraction. Young patients' eyes are dilated for this test so they are unable to mask their farsightedness with accommodation. This is called a wet refraction.

How can Hyperopia be treated

People often use the wearing of glasses or contact lenses to change the way light rays bend into the eyes. However this does not resolve the problem and is merely a cover up. Your condition is likely to worsen as the wearing of glasses or contact lenses makes your eyes 'lazy' for all the focussing is done by the glasses not by your eyes. Read on to discover how Eyerobics has already helped thousands of people suffering from Hyperopia enabling them to see clearly again without the use of glasses or contact lenses!!!

How can Eyerobics help

The Eyerobics program is a program of eye exercises based on the Bates Method. This is a well known method developed by Dr William Bates in the 20's.
The eye exercises are designed to address most eye disorders including Hyperopia by improving the function of your eye muscles and at the same time relaxing them thereby enabling your eyes to adjust to varying situations better. Clear eyesight is determined by the use of your eye muscles as they shape the lens and your eye ball. Hyperopia is mostly caused by weak and stressed eye muscles. Taking your eyes to the gym by doing Eyerobics will bring back strength to your eye muscles and at the same time relax your eyes.

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