Get rid of those glasses / lenses even faster!!

In conjunction with the Eyerobics program we can offer you a simple aid that makes using the Eyerobics program even more efficient and help you improve your vision even faster.
no glasses

When you wear glasses or contact lenses constantly or merely just for reading, every time you use them you are again making your eyes lazy. Your glasses are doing the focusing your eyes are supposed to do! This of course is not beneficial for the improvement of your eyesight. The best would be to put your glasses down from the first day you start with the Eyerobics program, but often that is impossible for some situations. Pinhole glasses will enable you to read and see clearly, but without the negative effects of glasses. Pinhole glasses do not  contain lenses to adjust the focus yet many people are amazed to discover that with pinhole glasses they can see clearly and do not need to wear their glasses/contacts.

Ever since I received your Pinhole glasses I have not needed to wear my normal glasses again. They made my eyes ache and I could not read for very long. Now with the Pinhole glasses I can read fine print and watch TV with clear vision. They really do work.

S. Jameson, California, USA.

So how do pinhole glasses work?

Rays b and c are usually always in focus, regardless of the condition of the eye and form a clear image on the retina. This clear image is flooded by the blurred image known as 'the blur circle' formed by rays a and d.

When the pinhole lens is used, only rays b and c are allowed to form an image on the retina and no blur circle is present to block the clear image. Consequently, by using a lens with multiple pinholes, many focused images form on the retina and a clear natural image is seen.

Also, no effort is required from the eye muscles, as the only rays entering the eye are already in focus. Hence there is a dramatic, consequential relaxing effect.

Pinhole glasses are suitable for:

  • Short sightedness
  • Crossed eyes
  • Long sightedness
  • Cataracts
  • Astigmatism
  • Relieving eye strain
  • Presbyopia


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