Blurry vision? Eye strain?
Hate wearing glasses?

Improve your eyesight and see clearly without glasses/lenses !!
The easy, affordable and natural way with eye exercises
saving you hundreds of dollars!

Eyerobics has been very successful in helping people from all kinds of backgrounds improve their vision to the point where the use of glasses was no longer needed. Below you can find some of the many testimonials we have received.

The lady in the video on the right is not in any way affiliated to Eyerobics.
However, she has done the program and gives her unbiased opinion.

Please watch her share her experience with Eyerobics eye exercises

"After four eye operations, 12 years in glasses and then contact lenses, and still having problems I started the Eyerobics program.

In 2 weeks I started getting results and such clear vision that I removed my contact lenses and have never used them since. I made a visit to my eye specialist in Melbourne. I wanted an unbiased opinion so I didn't mention what I had been doing.
After he examined me, he told me my eyes were great and I wouldn't need glasses or contacts again. I couldn't be happier with the results, so simple and yet noticing each day the major improvements."

Tracey McIvor - Euroa, Victoria.

"I've been wearing glasses since I was 19 years old. I always thought it was strange that every time I went to an optometrist, they told me something different was wrong with my eyes. The last few years I've been having trouble seeing into the distance. I started applying the Eyerobics techniques for about 5 minutes at a time every couple of hours. Also I started not wearing my glasses for two hours at a time.

Within 2 weeks I noticed that it was hurting when I wore the glasses so I left them off altogether. I couldn't believe that after 12 years of wearing glasses how easy it was to not wear them. I thought my eyes had become too dependent on the glasses but it was so quick! I was carrying them around for another 2 weeks just in case I felt eye strain especially while I was driving but I never needed them."

Brent Mitchell - Wodonga, Victoria.

"It's just marvellous! I would highly recommend this program to anyone worried about
his or her eyes.

My eyes have definitely improved since I have been doing the exercises, and I've now discarded my distance glasses that I had worn
since the 1920's!"

Loring G. Hudson (88yrs) Albury, Australia.

"I have been using Eyerobics for approximately one month and have not worn my prescribed glasses in that time. I am amazed at the fact that I am now able to read fine print, for example the telephone directory.

I have worn prescribed glasses for reading and driving for the last five years and they were always a hindrance to me, reading and drinking coffee, they fogged up, and driving I felt uncomfortable right from the beginning as I could not see clearly, however I persevered because of the advice of my optometrist.

This is the first time in five years that I have been able to read my own handwriting without the use of glasses. It's so simple, I just do the program while I'm having my morning coffee.

I am really thrilled with the results and don't wish to ever wear prescribed glasses again. I hope that people do Eyerobics to get the results that I have because it's just a joy not to have to
wear them."

Patsy Reid - Springhurst, Australia.

"It would be good if other kids did Eyerobics so they wouldn't get teased at school and they would save a lot of money buying glasses.
My glasses were $217 every time and now I don't need them."

Melanie Sanderson (11yrs) Lavington, New South Wales.

"I wish to thank you most sincerely for sending me that simple but splendid information explaining how to look after my eyes.

I must tell you that I have been wearing my glasses full time ever since I first got them, which would be about twenty years. There was no instruction from the eye specialist not to do so. After doing Eyerobics, I find that I can drive very well without glasses, and now I am getting used to not wearing glasses at home too. I know it will help to strengthen my sight as well as doing the exercises. Again my sincere thanks, my best wishes to you."

Lucy Stratten - Armidale, New South Wales.

"I received Eyerobics dubiously, on Friday 14th May and I am marvelled by the significant improvement in my eyes. I have not worn glasses since 4 days after that, although I have needed them to assist me in reading for the past ten years. Being such a busy person, I thought it would be impossible to take time out to do the exercises daily, but they are so subtle and simple that I find I'm automatically slipping them into all the appropriate situations. And that's enough!

It's amazing how consistent I am, mostly, I think, because I am now AWARE of how I am using my eyes and that makes me choose consciously to look after them. Why don't optometrists tell us this stuff? To experience something so easy and so beneficial to everyday life is wonderful. Furthermore, I have enjoyed showing the program to all who are cursed with glasses or contact lenses (and there has been) 100% keen interest in using it.
My eyes thank you."

Graham Nock (51 yrs) Woodlands, Western Australia.

"After wearing prescription glasses since leaving school eighteen years ago, I was resigned to the fact that my eyesight would never improve. Constant book work, clerical work, and studying of computer screens, meant bad headaches and migraines. I noticed an immediate difference in my eyesight as soon as I began Eyerobics, four weeks ago. The colours and shapes I look at are much brighter and clearer.

The strain on my eyes has greatly diminished and this has also improved my lifestyle health-wise. As a tennis coach I have to do lots of driving in and out of town, and it is so great not to wear glasses for that anymore. I reckon that anyone who really gives this a go will have success. And believe me - it's really worth it. I didn't enjoy wearing glasses at all."

Peter Gould (37yrs) Albury, New South Wales.

"Hi Eyerobics,
Have been doing Eyerobic exercises for awhile now and very happy with the result. I feel much better and this effects all areas of my life. Just knowing there is a lot I can do is such a freedom.
Thankyou for the excellent DVD."

Kind regards,
Judith File, Sydney, Australia.

"I bought Janet Goodrich's book, read some parts and found it too much of a rigmarole. I bought your DVD and am pleased that you get straight down to the action. It is easy to follow you onscreen whereas I was unsure before from a book on Dr. Bates' method on how to do 'swinging'.

Thanks for your easy instructions"

Andrew Cunningham, Springvale, Australia.

".. .for many years I have been suffering from Myopia until I tried your program. Now after two weeks I have noticed such great improvements in my eyesight. I am now able to read road signs clearly and even better: I can see my wife when she is standing far away needing my attention!

Thank you for your eyesight improvement program. I am very happy with the results (and so is my wife!)."

Peter de Jager - Netherlands

"Since I got your exercises, I have been doing them and my sight is improving all the time. A few years ago however I discovered my eyesight was deteriorating and a specialist in Geelong told me I had a heamorage behind my left eye, a cataract completely covering it, and a scar on my iris and I wouldn't see ouit of it again. Professor Grock in Melbourne told me the same thing. It gave me a shock!

Well I have kept up the exercises and now if I put my hand over my right eye, I am seeing better and better. One of the doctors said recently I have got better sight in my right eye than anyone they have treated over 80 years of age. I can still read ordinary writing and books and I still do a bit of craft work. My dried flower pictures have gone all around the world. I am now working for Red Cross and have jus crochet a rug and am knitting cats!"

Yours faithfully,
R. H. Clarke, Bungaree, Australia.

"I am doing th exercises form the DVD twice a day, and now can read ordinary print, without my glasses. My right eye is considerably weaker than my left eye, but is slowly improving.
I am in fact very pleased with the DVD and it has helped me considerably "

I remain
Yours sincerely.
Trevor Blaber, Violet Town, Australia

"Dear Eyerobics,

I am writing to thank you for your EYerobics DVD which I purchased about five months ago. I am 48 years of age and, till 45, never needed glasses, that's when the problem started. I purchased a pair of strength 1 glasses from a chemist, followed a short time later by 1.5 then 2 and found I was unable to read or perform many work tasks without them. I was constantly annoyed with either not being able to find a pair (and I had plenty of them) or they would keep falling from my pocket.
It was obvious that at this rate of decline I would be struck with an annoying neccessity and be wearing very thick glasses by the time I reached 60 years of age.
One afternoon I heard about your Eyerobics DVD on the radio and immediately rang and purchased one. I started the exercises and after about four weeks found that my eyes had improved noticeably. I am still maintaining the exercises on a daily basis and have not worn my glasses for some months now. My vision is still improving and I thank you for that. The DVD is eagerly shown to all my friends who are lumbered with glasses."

Keep up the good work.
B. R. Underwood, Coober Pedy, Australia

"After receiving the Eyerobics video I watched the video twice and began the exercises immediately. Within a couple of days I noticed an improvement. However after the first week, I began missing days when I did not exercise. Though I don't exercise daily, I am having succss and am able to read after exercise without any aides (glasses) fairly small print with ease. Therefor I am rather pleased and a little excited, no doubt, the more one exercises, the sooner reading aides are thrown away."

Yours sincerely,
Ian S. Chant, Gladstone Park, Australia

"Dear Eyerobics,
I am a registered Nurse and was prescribed reading glasses when I turned 44 eighteen months ago. Recently the optometrist told me I would require stronger prescription in my glasses. I was quite upset about this and decided to commence the exercises on the Eyerobics video. Within twelve days I could do hand sewing without glasses and can now read without glasses. Its just such a wonderful release from always having to remember to carry my glasses everywhere. Several of my work colleagues are amazed they can see when they wear my pinhole glasses and will be contacting you for a video. Thank you so much for making the video and giving me the opportunity to heal my failing vision. I can't believe how easy it has been to improve my eyesight.

Once again many thanks for helping me."

Kind regards,
Catherine Pullen S.R.N., Sydney, Australia.